Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hand Washing & Sanitizing for Health & Safety

While reading this month's issue of NAILPRO Magazine, I was pleased to find an article pertaining to the simple act of hand washing and how it can help prevent the spread of disease.

What a way to start my blog on nail care! In this blog I intend to share a host of information pertaining to the proper care and maintenance of both natural and artificial nails for both men and women from my perspective as a Manicurist, as well as what you should come to expect of your salon experience, and how you can maintenance your own nails between salon visits.

Professional salon establishments know that proper hand washing and sterilization of tools and implements is the basic foundation for disease prevention, but are we overlooking this fundamental principal at home? With hand sanitizers in public places anywhere from grocery stores to banks, and with the awareness of outbreaks such as swine flu, it is likely that you too have become more accustomed to being a little over zealous about your own hand washing rituals.

Having worked in Salons, Spas and in Healthcare, I am an avid advocate of hand washing & sanitizing, and have seen first hand, (no pun intended), how skipping this simple process can be a dangerous mistake, and it's one of the first steps you can take in the prevention of spreading potentially life threatening disease & infections to yourself as well as others. According o the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) hand washing is a critical component to the prevention of the spread of pathogens such as fungal infections, MRSA, and the newest scare, Clostridium Difficle.

Steps to Proper Hand Washing for Health and Safety

YOU WILL NEED: Hand wash, water, a clean nail brush, disposable drying towel and a few seconds is all that needed.

1. Wet hands, apply liquid soap and lather (Bar soap left in a soap dish can breed bacteria)
2. Rub hands together vigorously for 20 seconds
3. Scrub under the nails and around the cuticles with a nail brush
4. Rinse well because rubbing and scrubbing combined loosens microbes but doesn't kill them
5. Dry hands with disposable towel

  • TIPS
Rubbing and scrubbing combined loosens microbes but doesn't kill them. This is why rinsing well is a very important step.
• Hand sanitizer such is a good option when soap and water are not convenient. Just be sure to vigorously rub in about one teaspoon of the sanitizer until the gel thoroughly dries. Apply to the palms, back of the hands and between the fingers, being careful not to miss the cuticles or under the nails.

• Always wash your hands prior to performing any nail care service on yourself or someone else. If you are performing a service on someone else be sure he /she washes their hands too. The Mayo Clinic is a great resource for numerous other examples of instances when hands should be washed.   

Hopefully this post has been helpful..check back periodically at for more Nail Care Tips & Tricks...Please post any of your nail care questions and I will do my best to address your comments, questions and concerns.


  1. Uncle Miles16/7/10 15:13

    Well written and well structured.

    I like the way you combined the two areas ("Having worked in Salons, Spas and in Healthcare")
    Your straightforward and simple approach showed me how important it is to wash my hands "the right way" can lead to better health and well being. (You did a better job of explaining it than my mother did when I was a kid.

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to your next posting.

  2. Uncle Miles, thank you for your review and positive feedback! Please be sure to follow my posts@